Monitor the health
of your servers
in real time

Stay on top of your server performance with real-time monitoring. Ensure uptime and detect issues before they impact your business. Try our server monitoring solution today.

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Reliable services will increase the value of your business

Focus on your business and leave the health monitoring of your servers to us

Advanced analytics

Clear charts allow better orientation in your data.

Included with...
  • Active incidents
  • Last incidents
  • Server load
  • Tasks on server
  • CPU usage
  • Memory usage
  • Incidents by priority
  • Incidents by server

E-mail notifications

We will immediately deliver notifications about incidents to your e-mail.

Automated Reports

We will automatically prepare a monthly or weekly report for each server.

Multiple servers

You can monitor multiple servers at once under one account.

Server groups

By merging servers into groups, you can better compare servers with each other.

Starting server monitoring is easy

In just four steps you can get information about the health of your servers.

Create account

Fill out a short form and verify your e-mail account.

Add server

Add the server to your client account.


Configure the tests you want to monitor for the server.

Install script

Upload only one Node.js script to your server.

The Significance of Tracking Server Workloads

The Significance of Tracking Server Workloads

Stay ahead with effective server monitoring tools! Enhance performance, detect anomalies, and bolster security for a seamless digital experience.

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