On which servers can your monitoring script be used?

The monitorio.js script can only be used for Linux servers.

What applications do we need to have installed on our server?

To run the script, you just need to have Node.js installed. The rest of the applications that the script uses are part of the Linux operating system.

Do you need to log in to our server to find out information about the server status?

No, all settings on the server are made by your administrator. The data comes to us from the publicly accessible monitorio.json file on your server.

How is this publicly available monitorio.json file created?

The file is generated by the monitorio.js script on your server. It is ideal if the script is run automatically at regular intervals according to the selected program.

Is the data in the monitorio.json file safe?

The entire file is encrypted with a 32-digit password. You set this password in the server administration and in the monitorio.cfg configuration file on the server.

What data does this publicly accessible monitorio.json file contain?

The file contains basic information about CPU and memory usage, number of tasks, server load, and test results that you have defined for the server.

How can I be sure that other sensitive information is not transmitted from the server?

The script that loads the data is open and it is possible to control what data it processes. If you don't use a password when generating the monitorio.json file, you can see what data is being transferred.

Can I try monitoring my server for free?

A 14-day free trial program is available for one server, during which you can try everything and see what outputs Monitorio.eu provides.

What happens after the 14-day trial program ends?

The service will continue to operate in a free but limited mode. However, for better monitoring, we recommend switching to a paid program.

What if I don't want to continue monitoring the server?

In the administration, you will confirm the request to terminate the provision of the service and all data obtained will be deleted. The provision of the service will be automatically terminated if the full amount for the next period is not paid.

What happens if I switch to one of the paid programs?

You will receive a service order by e-mail with information about the payment for the service, which must be made before the service starts. After receiving the payment, you will receive a tax receipt.

How often do I have to pay for the service?

You can subscribe monthly, quarterly, semi-annually or annually. The longer the prepaid period you choose, the lower the price for the program will be.

How do I know that my prepaid period is ending?

10 days before the end of the prepaid period, we will send you information about the approaching end of service provision with information about payment for the next period.

Can I set up an automatic payment at the bank?

Payments are matched according to the customer's unique number, which does not change throughout the period. So you can set up a standing order in the bank with the same values for each payment

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